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I feel like such an asshole

For the 2nd year I’ve forgotten my fathers birthday. I hate how fucked up my family is. I hate that he and my mother have hurt me so emotionally in my life that i completely forget his birthday exists. That most days i see them as people and not family. Im disappointed in myself that I’ve done this again in spite of the depressing dickwad he can be. This isnt how I want my family and it pains me that when I start my own my children and myself will probably be closer to their fathers side.

Super sick and at my moms worst part about that is she hardly acts like she cares Im sick or she’ll tell me I’m being a baby and she would never be so weak and needy(yet believe me she gets a cold and shes just dieing and eveyone in the world needs to care).

As much hope as I hold on to, I tend to have too many unforeseen set backs that always put me behind schedule. -_-’ I hate it. It makes me feel like I’m disappointing the people I planned to make things for.


I’ve been so easily annoyed lately. I’ve always been a fairly solitary person and I think I need a day away from all human interaction.
I’m tired of people being inconsiderate. I’m tired of being treated like I’m worthless. I’m tired of being others’ scapegoat. I’m tired of over opinionated people forcing their ideas down my throat. I’m tired of watching the human race thoughtlessly destroy itself constantly fighting.
I’m just tired and frustrated and worried.

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