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I am alive! I needed a new battery for my computer and a new charger because i couldn’t keep it on for very long at a time. ALSO I now work two full time jobs….soooo so far zero free time! updates soon!!

App Wish

I wish we had an app that gave you a daily language. Just whats its called in your language, what its called in it’s own, area origins, time period origins, whether its dead or still spoken and by how many, its type of script with an example, and a few basic phrases or sentences in it’s script/roman script(if applicable)/translation. Also a link to a site such as Omiglot or Wiki for more information on them. That would truly be fucking awesome! It’s not a translation service just a collection of introductions to languages of the world and past. I would love it

Perpetually single because I choose to be…sooo not mad being ‘lonely’ on V-day. AM mad because my mother can be a major cunt! =D

So I’m spending the evening playing some SWTOR with a bottle of wine~~

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