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As much hope as I hold on to, I tend to have too many unforeseen set backs that always put me behind schedule. -_-’ I hate it. It makes me feel like I’m disappointing the people I planned to make things for.


I’ve been so easily annoyed lately. I’ve always been a fairly solitary person and I think I need a day away from all human interaction.
I’m tired of people being inconsiderate. I’m tired of being treated like I’m worthless. I’m tired of being others’ scapegoat. I’m tired of over opinionated people forcing their ideas down my throat. I’m tired of watching the human race thoughtlessly destroy itself constantly fighting.
I’m just tired and frustrated and worried.

Just love being treated like im incompetent when im the one who has to fix all the mistakes and finds all the miscuts but god forbid I am allowed to cut because im incompetent and it would take me all day amd still be wrong. Fuck today. And fuck both my jobs! So tired of people placing blame on me for things that are not my fault. i have no problem admitting my mistakes but i refuse to bow before someone and take wrongful blame.


Sleeping beauties

Resting, that is what these old books appear to be doing. And they deserve it. The volumes date from the 17th and 18th centuries and have been on these shelves for several hundreds of years. They are part of York Cathedral Library and occupy a packed room (Pic 5) just adjacent to a larger reading room. When I visited the place, last week, I found myself whispering and walking slowly, so as not to wake them. These images transmit, I hope, some of the magic that hangs in the air: the red and green shine of leather bindings mixed with the distinct musky smell of old books.

Pics (my own): York Minster Library, established precisely 600 years ago this year. More about the library here.

This is porn for me i cant even lie.

Opinion of an Artist

So I’m sitting at work today and suddenly my brain flashes to something that happened with my ex years ago and i must say, looking back on it completely infuriates me!

He had a friend who parents were incredible wealthy. They had a 4 story mansion on the end of a peninsula with a beautiful view of a body of water from both the front and back. My ex was a psychology major and i cant remember what his friend was but we all went to the same college. One night we went by this kid’s home and his mom was there. As any mother does she started asked about work and school. We it came to me I replied that I was an Art Education major and worked 3 jobs. The look on each of their faces including my ex said everything. It dropped me down to the lowest part of the food chain. It showed that they saw me as an uneducated parasite on society. His mother completely ignored my existence after that continuing to speak and look at only the other two.
It hurt that a complete stranger would have such a negative view of an artist But what made it worse was my ex literally said to me, “I cant believe you would say that you should have lied! You completely embarrassed me!” The same guy who constantly pressed me to work more on my crafts in private.
I truly dont understand the negative thoughts on crafters.

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